Recent Podcasts and Videocasts

JMBE Live! webinar at ASM Microbe 2023, “Teaching Climate Change” (Moderator), Houston, TX 6/16/23 <>
JMBE Live! videocast, “Assessment” (Moderator) 5/19/23 <>

JMBE Live! videocast, “Collaborative exams” (Moderator) 5/5/23 <>

JMBE Live! videocast, “Sharing educational tips and tools” (Moderator) 3/10/23 <>

JMBE Live! videocast, “Publishing education research” (Moderator) 2/10/23 <>

JMBE Live! Webinar, “Scientific literacy” (Moderator) 8/17/22 <>

JMBE Live! Webinar, “Teaching excellence: A discussion with Carski Awardees" (Moderator) 6/10/22 <>

JMBE Live! Webinar, “Non-traditional approaches to grading STEM classes that promote student learning” (Moderator) 3/4/22 <>

SDSU Mission Valley Innovation District 11/30/21 <>

JMBE Live! webinar, “Innovation in a time of crisis:  Blurring the Lines Between Online and On-site Teaching and Learning” (moderator) 9/9/21 <>

This Week in Microbiology (TWiM) podcast, “TWIM at 10” 3/11/21 <,-a-quality-quorum-TWiM-237>

Curioscity podcast, interviewed by Calvin Yeager on “Scientific publishing” 10/20/20 <>

JMBE Live! videocast, moderator of panel discussion on “Teaching in a time of crisis” 9/11/20

Startup Grind Podcast, interviewed by Luis Martinez about “Pivots, diversity, and innovation in the life sciences industry” 9/3/20

Braid Theory’s Startup Forensics Podcast, interviewed by Jim Cooper about “Evidence-based Entrepreneurship” 4/17/20 <>

Charla with San Diego State University President Adele de la Torre, "The impacts of university research" 7/15/19 <>

“Training graduate students beyond academia”, Enhancing Dissemination of Evidence-Based Models for PhD Career Development. HHMI Janelia Research Campus, VA 7/10/19

Meet the Microbiologist, interviewed on 6/23/19 19 <>

SDBN-BUZZ interviewed on 6/21/19 <>

MicroTalk "Lilliputian-evolution" 4/19/19 <>

Foodborne Parasites, ASM Studio 2018, Atlanta, GA 6/9/18

The Best of Microbe 2017 #1 (with Jeff Maloy), New Orleans, LA 6/3/17 (Over 15,000 views)

The Best of Microbe 2017 #2 (with Jeff Maloy), New Orleans, LA 6/3/17 (Over 15,000 views)

SDSU Discovery Slams: Short, multidisciplinary, research presentations, San Diego State University, 1/14-11/17 (Organizer & Moderator) <>

Innovation and Entrepreneurship, SDSU-Georgia, Tbilisi, GEORGIA 4/16

Engineering and Interdisciplinary Science, San Diego State University, 6/26/15 <>

ASM Live, New Orleans, LA 6/15 [Host] <>

ASM Live interviews with Evann Hilt, Paul Streckenberger, Alan Wolfe, PedroTorres, Scott Kelley, Ian Lipkin, Lyle Petersen, Dae Wook Kang, Lita Procter, David Schwake, Kiril Vaglenov, James Barbaree, Jessica Rivera, Raul Cano, and Christian Jobin, Boston, MA 5/14 <>

ASM Live interviews with Yuvon Mobley, Jayne Raper, Joseph Zackular, David Relman, Lee-Ann Jaykus, Iratxe Zarranaindia, Francisco Diez-Gonzalez, Paula Mouser, Erin Lipp, Robert Webster, Albert Osterhaus, Caole Heilman, Stephen Redd, Natasha De Leln-Rodriguez, and Amy Volmer Denver, CO 5/13

Global Climate Change and Emerging Infectious Disease with Stanley Maloy and Alan Sweedler - The Silent Spring Series, Exploring Ethics series, San Diego Center for Ethics in Science and Technology, SDSU-TV 4/8/13 <>

Milestones in Microbiology Dedication at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY 10/12  <>

ASM Live interviews Katherine Lemon, Karina Pokusaeva, Katie Kirsh, Lita Procter, Forest Rohwer, Karen Guillemin, Wenfei Wang, Lu Zhang, Ian Lipkin, Ron Atlas, Nikos Gurfield, Rob Knight, Rick Bushman, Janet Jansson, Laura Cox, Elizabeth Costello, San Francisco, CA 5/12

MicrobeWorld interview with Rob Knight on new insights from the human microbiome project 9/12 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Forest Rohwer on microbes of the ocean, coral, and the human lung 8/12 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Richard Lenski on evolution in vitro 2/12 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Anne Jones on "The potential of Cyanobacteria" 4/12 <>

Health care disparities The palliative power of understanding science, Exploring Ethics series, San Diego Ethics in Science and Technology, UCSD TV, 3/21/12  <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Ron Atlas on "Biosafety and biosecurity" 3/7/12 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Diane Harper on "HPV vaccines" 9/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Stephen Morse on "Early warning and surveillance systems for emerging infectious diseases" 4/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Larry Madoff on "New media as a tool for epidemiology" 4/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Jeremy Nicholson on "Microbiome metabolomics" 3/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Tracey McNamara on "The discovery of West Nile Virus" 3/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with David Relman on "Stability of the human microbiome" 2/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Francis Arnold on "Laboratory evolution" 2/11 <>

MicrobeWorld interview with Beatrice Hahn on "Apes as a reservoir of infectious disease" 2/11 <>

MicrobeWorld at USA Science Festival, Washington D.C. 11/10 <>

"La Salmonella es el amor de me vida". Colección Eureka, Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, PUC, CHILE 08