Recent Commentaries

Maloy S. 2023. Miracle drugs vs Machiavellian bugs. Forward to Brenda Wilson & Brian Ho, Revenge of the Microbes, 2nd edition, Wiley Press, NY.

Maloy S. 2022. Punctuated Evolution. Editorial, Microcosm 6(1) (June).

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Maloy S. 2021. Microbes and One Health. Editorial, Microcosm 5(2) (December)

Maloy S. 2021. Infection, identification, and intervention. Editorial, Microcosm 5(1) (May)

Maloy S, Hagen A. Hot topics feature in Microcosm magazine (regular feature in each issue)

Maloy S. 2020. Pandemics, people, and possibilities. Editorial, Microcosm 4(2) (November)

Maloy S. 2020. The Yin-Yang of microbes. Editorial, Microcosm 4(1) (April)

Maloy S. 2019. People, places, and perspectives. Editorial, Microcosm 3(3) (November)

Maloy S. 2019. What you missed. Editorial, Microcosm 3(2): 4 (August)

Maloy S. 2019. Microbes, methods, and electrons. Editorial, Microcosm 3(1) (March)

Maloy S. 2018. Many microbes, many audiences. Microcosm 2(3): 3 (December)

Maloy S. 2018. From the classroom to the world. Microcosm 2(3): 3 (October)

Maloy S. 2017. The year in review. Microcosm 1(4): 3 (December)

Maloy S. 2017. Collaboration. Microcosm 1(3): 2 (September)

Maloy S. 2017. Transitions. Microcosm 1(2): 1 (May)

Maloy S. 2017. Microcosms. Microcosm 1: 1 (February)

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Maloy S. 2016. Bio 101: Getting the science right. Letter to the Editor, Chronicle of Higher Education (February 8).

Maloy S. 2016. Magic bullets. Editorial, Microbe 11 (January).

Maloy S, Schaechter M. 2015. Being there. Editorial, Microbe 10 (December).

Maloy S. 2015. Trees or Bushes. Editorial, Microbe (November).

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